Top 5 Reasons for Learning Reiki

When I first took Reiki I, I had no idea it would transform my life. I had no intention of becoming a Reiki practitioner or teacher, but I was led to this ancient practice of energy healing and it became part of me, my purpose which is to help others.

There are many, many reasons to learn Reiki.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons for Learning Reiki:

1. Personal Healing.

Reiki I begins the process of connecting yourself to Reiki energy and it lasts a lifetime. It makes you aware of when you need personal healing, relaxation and well-being, and it's as close to you as your fingertips. I encourage self-treatment every day. There are so many people among us who are in dire need of being balanced, connected, relaxed and calm with the benefits of Reiki. Allow this Reiki energy to flow into all areas of your life, sit back and watch the changes that occurs.

2. It opens you up to LOVE.

The opposite of love is fear which keeps your mind and state-of-being on a lower frequency/vibration. I have found Reiki to be this wondrous self-development tool that will change your attitude to life, relationships and challenges. The change is subtle, but deep, and within a couple months people may begin to see a new you. Reiki helps you to learn to love yourself, and also to love and respect others in a way that allows them to learn their lessons yet keeping your heart open and free.

3. Helps prevent dis-ease.

Reiki improves your immune system, strengthens your aura and can be a protective shield against negative energies. The benefits of Reiki are limitless. Stress no longer has to rule your life and drain your subtle energy body. Through daily self-treatment with Reiki, you will help to replenish your vital energy levels, not only on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level which can help prevent the development of more serious physical symptoms.

4. Helps you discover your "spiritual" self.

Ever had that feeling there is something missing in your life but you can’t pin point what it is? Reiki will helps you when you are feeling lost, since Reiki re-connects you to your higher self, which is the evolved "all-knowing" version of yourself. By re-establishing this relationship with your higher self you will become more intuitive and empowered with a sense of yourself and your life purpose.

5. Heal others.

We are currently in a 3rd dimensional world dominated by fear, worry, corruption and dogma. This won't always be the case as Mother Earth is evolving. By raising your vibration and frequency, learning Reiki and connecting to spiritually-guided life force energy, you become a beacon of light for others. Look around, so many people are suffering and it is in all of our best interest to help each other in any way possible.

Many Reiki students feel excited to be connected to Universal Energy and have a renewed vigor and zest for life that leads them on a spiritual path with infinite possibility. 

Learn Reiki with me on May 19-20th. Limited space available.