The Great-Spirited Road Trip

When the whisper of Spirit calls, I listen.

Today I am leaving for the Great American road trip without expectations and anticipating the beauty of the unknown. I’ll call it Spirit Quest – Part I. It’s an escape from the Minnesota winter, the laundry, the business and well, life. It’s too easy to forget we dwell in this glorious vast Universe.

Headed where the wind takes us, I’m heading out with my pack – the ‘ol man (Jon), and of course, the singing Aussie.

Tent, sleeping bags, journals, and reading materials are packed – the essentials.

The mystery and allure of traversing the country without a destination is an opportunity to let the soul sing, to see jewels in unexpected places, to obey the call, and to seek divine connection. 

Spirit will be driving. We are just the passengers on this journey to the uncharted destination.

I crave the Wilderness. I crave the smell of campfire. I crave the loud silence and the symphony of singing birds, hooting owls and even the bugs and insects.  I crave the solitude and nature. This craving is the whisper of Spirit. Always heed the whisper.

Nature is the inspiration, wonder and awe by which transforms us all.

“The mission before each of us is simply to address all of that which comes to you with an open heart, just that." – The Law of One

I’ll be back soon but in the meantime, I’ll be sitting underneath the stars – the same stars that we are all made of. And, I’ll be gazing at the Universe, this masterpiece, that has invited me to experience what it is like to belong to something much grander than myself.

Peace & Light,