We All Need Healing

Healing is a Universal Need.

If asked, few people readily acknowledge they need healing. But, very few people can say they are free of all symptoms and effects associated with trauma, emotional upset or life's challenging moments.

Negativity, challenges, disappointments, are only mild forms of trauma that we experience on a daily basis. Trauma affects everyone, and can remain hidden for years.

  • 40% of Americans have experienced trauma in the last 3 years.
  • 75-100 million have been abused physically or sexually in childhood.
  • 30% of married women and 30% of pregnant women have experienced domestic violence and abuse from their partners.
  • War, violence and the status of our country affect nearly everyone on earth.
  • Trauma is the underlying cause of much mental illness, depression and anxiety.

We share the psychic disharmony that is occurring every day in our world today. People have been programmed to alienate from their inner selves, each other and nature by seeking status, power, wealth and distractions from our unease. This way of life has become the norm, and as we lack a connection, we lose our sense of belonging, to our heart, to our purpose, to our family and to the earth.

As we begin to heal from our negative thought patterns, energy blockages and dissociation with self, we begin to transform. It takes a prioritization of self to enter the healing path. It takes courage to understand that we have inner work to do, to shine light on the shadow and work through and understand our patterns that no longer serve us.

The benefits of healing has the power to transform at your core. Not only may we rid ourselves of emotional, physical, mental dysfunctions, but we may also open up the door to limitless possibilities. Through Reiki, soul healing and chakra balancing, we may gain confidence, self-esteem, courage and personal power. We become more at peace with ourselves our lives and our circumstances.

Resolving our conscious or subconscious is a true gift, returning us to our natural state of harmony, love and compassion.

Begin your healing journey with Deborah Monacelli, Awaken Reiki & Soul Healing.