Smudging to Purify, Cleanse and Clear Energies

Smudging to Purify, Cleanse and Clear Energies

March 03, 2017

There is much more than what we can see in the energetic and spiritual realms. When negative vibrations, entities, and  energies are present, discord and disharmony can occur in one's life. Purifying and smudging offers a way to 'clear the air,' so to speak and much to be learned from the wise and insightful Native Americans. They have a deep respect of Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.

One of their ancient traditions is the practice of smudging, or purifying a room or home with the smoke of sacred herbs which release negative ions and elevates your mind, body and soul to a more positive state.

Smudging can be part of your spiritual ritual with important considerations to keep in mind.

To begin:

1. Be respective and grateful for these passed down Native American practices. In your mind, thank the Native American peoples for their contributions and way of life and acknowledge the sacrifices they've made.

2. Open a window or door for free-flowing air so the negative energies can exit. Place the herbs on an abalone shell or clay bowl and light with a wooden match.

3. Next, purify yourself. Take the smoke either with your hands or a feather and 'wash' your hands, take some over your eyes, your heart and your brain.  Breathe a little bit in and waft throughout your energetic field over your body.

4. Start on the left side of the door and walk throughout your house or apartment, praying the whole time. With the smoke you ask for the negative energy to leave and the positive energy to stay.

5. When you get to the front door, you shoot the smoke out the front door and wait a couple of moments. Go outside and put the cooled off ashes of the sage near the doorstep to protect the entrance.

6. Know that the energy is cleared. Thank divine spirit for protection and guidance.